Pattern for Fromage Toy

He’s a cuddly friend who’s sure to become a favorite for your little one.

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Check out Lesley Carter and how she is making her dreams come true. She’s such an inspiration to find what you love and make it happen!

They say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.  If that means it’s so busy I can hardly breathe, they’re absolutely right!  But I love March, and here is why:

Daylight Savings!  This weekend we change our clocks.  I will gladly lose an hour of sleep to gain an hour of daylight every evening.  (I’m the mother of four, it’s not like I have normal sleep patterns anyway!) 

More Daylight Hours – Even without changing to daylight savings, March is the month we gain the most daylight hours due to the earth shifting on its axis.  I think it’s an hour and 15 minutes of daylight each day that we will gain from the beginning to the end of March.  (Sorry to those of you on the Southern Hemisphere – it’s going to be a big daylight losing month for you!)

St. Patrick’s Day – Our city likes to pretend like we’re Irish, so we have a city parade and festival for St. Patrick’s Day.  We’re all getting our green clothing together and making felt four-leaf clovers.  (Aren’t these cute?  Her toys are adorable too!)

Easter – I’m thinking about Easter outfits for church.  I’m thinking something Downton inspired for the girls…I’ll let you know how it turns out.  Also, we’re gearing up for our 2nd Annual Peeps Diorama Competition.  It was such a hit last year that it’s been requested that we do it again.  Ideas are flying around, scraps of paper are everywhere and everytime we walk into any store, the kids are looking at things they could use for their peeps diorama.

Welcome, March.  Even if you leave me out of breath, I’m glad you’re here.


That’s how things have been around here: busy!

A couple of things that are going on for those of you who don’t know (most people don’t know):
1) I wrote a book. I’ve spent the last 2 years on and off writing and editing. It’s a young adult novel (without vampires). I’m currently involved in the excruciating process of trying to find an agent. I have one agent who is reading it right now (a feat in itself since the odds of having an agent request your entire manuscript are 1%-5%). So, now I’m just waiting to hear. It usually takes 2-6 months, so it will be a while!
2) I started a new blog. I’m trying to create a more public blog that I can use to publicize my book should I need to (fingers crossed!) It’s kind of a random collection of things I like. You can check it out at readlisalong.com.
3) I actually started writing in a leather bound journal with consistency for the first time in my entire life. Hence the lack of posts here. I’m going to work on keeping this blog up as well though, because I like it.

I guess that’s about it – other than the usual stuff. I’ve had a few photography jobs and home improvement projects to keep me busy as well. I hope everyone is doing well!

Rain, rain GO AWAY!

I’m tired of the rain.  I know, I know.  I’m supposed to be grateful for it, and I am.  But I’m also really tired of it.  My kids need to go out and play.  Burn off their energy so that they are dead tired and fall quickly to sleep at bedtime.  Speaking of bedtime, last night Josh was laughing hysterically in his sleep.  We heard someone laughing and couldn’t figure out who it was because everyone was asleep, but then we realized it was him.  His eyes were open, he was laughing hysterically and he was completely asleep.  It was creepy…but funny too.

Kids Are Strange

Right now my kids are “fabric fighting”.  They each have some yardage of fabric that I purchased at one point in time with a fabulous project in mind but never got around to (let’s just say that they have lots of colors, sizes, and types of fabric to choose from!).  They run around and sometimes swing the fabric at each other.  Then they run through the house with fabric draped over them like capes saying, “We’re fabric fighters!” 

Also, they have oddly changed into their pajamas already – that happened around 4:00 this afternoon.  I don’t know if it’s part of the game or not, but I’m not complaining!  That will be one less fight (fabric or otherwise) for me tonight. 

The other day we were going to In ‘N Out Burger for lunch.  Josh was complaining a bit because it’s not his favorite.  Then he told me, “Do you know what my favorite thing is at In ‘N Out?  It’s the water – they have really cold water there!”  Um, yeah…me too.  I really like the water there.  It has nothing to do with the yummy cheeseburgers with the creepy cheese that is SO processed, but SO delicious.  I don’t like it for the french fries dipped in special sauce or the thick chocolate shakes – it’s the COLD water…that’s what I love about In ‘N Out!

So I know that I’ve written about Costco and how much I love it, and I still do, don’t get me wrong! But it’s also a lot of work.

Today I went to Costco while the boys were at school so I only had Kate with me. We shopped for a big family BBQ we’re having on Sunday (aka Kate’s pink party for her birthday.) So we bought a lot of food.

The people who work at Costco are really nice. The flower lady gave Kate a rose, which made her face light up. We walked by the employee who once helped me by taking Josh to the bathroom because he had a cow and threw a temper tantrum about having to use the Women’s bathroom since I didn’t want him going into the Men’s alone. We ate some tasty samples.

But then we went to the checkout. We had tons of food to load into the car while people sat parked behind me in the parking lot waiting for me to move already so they could get my spot. We got home and carried all the stuff from the car into the house. Then I had to clean out the fridge so there would be room to put the new food in. Then I had to wash all the dishes that had been full of rotten food in the fridge…gross!

I’d like to make Costco less of an ordeal, but don’t really know how. But I love their food and their prices and they have a lot of cool stuff, so I’ll keep going back. But it’s a lot of work.


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